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Originally Posted by blueandgoldguy View Post
The people who were going to the Grey Cup game were going regardless of who the halftime entertainment was. Similarly, the people you mentioned (18 - 50 yr old males) are going to be watching the game regardless of who performs at halftime. If they don't like the halftime show, they will simply grab a beer and have some snacks like Replacement leaving the TV on anyways. Their enjoyment of the product doesn't really matter.

What matters to advertisers are appealing to as many demographics as possible (tweeners and young woman specifically) so they can expand their audience if only for a half hour...and it worked

From the story:

The Sirius XM Grey Cup Half-Time Show delivered a 44 per cent increase in viewers compared to last year's halftime show, with an average audience of 6.1 million viewers tuning in for performances by Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Marianas Trench, and Gordon Lightfoot

Audiences also spiked across all demos during the Sirius XM Grey Cup Half-Time Show

The 6.1 million viewers was 600,000 above the average audience for the entire Grey Cup on TSN (5.5 million). They knew what they were doing. It worked out just fine.

The idea is to grow the game. As was mentioned, in all likelihood, viewership spiked during halftime and that was it. You have a 10 minute increase of 10 year old girls. The demographics that watched halftime are extremely unlikely to become lifelong fans of the CFL. They watched their heros, then left and did something else. No one that tuned in just to see JB is likely to follow the CFL because of it. It's the way our world works. Use the game to see what you want and then it's irrelevant until next years teeny-boppers put in their 5 minute schtick. In my mind, the type of person you want to attract as your new future fan base is the 15-30 year old male. They are the ones that will bring along some of the females along the way. They have been left behind by the attractions of the NFL and so many other types of entertainment, unlike those of us that grew up with the CFL. These are the people that will be putting their fannies in your seats and watching your games in the future, if you can hook them in. You can use your own imagination and thoughts as to what type of entertainment would be best to bring in this group.

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