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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
While I am not a big fan of any of the halftime acts, they weren't designed to appeal to me. I was going to be watching the game regardless of who was playing. Bieber and co. were chosen to try and get some young people to watch the game with their parents and perhaps hold on to a few of these kids as lifelong fans. That and to get some attention in the US market.

And it probably worked.
Well said. In 2010 Edmonton's Grey Cup Committee justifiably took lots of heat for booking ancient fossils Bachman & Turner to do the entire half-time show. B.T.O. was the band who first got me into rock music as a teenager and I'm a big Randy Bachman fan so I personally was delighted with the choice. In fact, the old guys played great- getting a very positive reaction in the stadium. Still, I was troubled somewhat that: 1. No buzz or increased TV numbers were created by the booking and 2. Good prairie guys B & T were being unfairly ridiculed by the Gregors and Spectors of this world. I watched all of this year's acts (including Lightfoot) with little interest but was still happy that Bieber et al generated a buzz for the CFL.

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