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11-27-2012, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by surixon View Post
Well I have a hard time agreeing with the scouts you have talked to on this one. I have yet to see anythig from Burmistrov that would put his ceiling on par with that of Mark's. The only thing he does clearly better than Mark is skate and that gap is closing with the strides that Scheifele is making with his skating. Alex is older and has a massive amount of NHL/Pro experience on his side so he should be the better and more advanced player at this point in time, the fact that this gap seems to be decreasing should be troubling for Burmistrov. Mark has the wider range of offensive tools and more importantly he has the brain to put them together. Any physical edge that Burmistrov has is diminishing by the day and until he can show some signs of being able to riel in his game and put his tools together he runs a very real risk of getting passed on the depth chart in the next year or two by Scheifele.
Everyone needs to take a breath...

Burmi right now is where Blake Wheeler was after 17 games last year.

Admittedly, he isn't scoring, but he is putting the puck on net and making plays in both ends the points will come. Trust me.

I posted this elsewhere, but I will continue to post it everywhere until I am right. Burmi, Maxwell & Machacek have combined for 133 SOG, but only have 6 goals to show for it. That cannot and will not continue much longer.

As for the Scheifele / Burmi comparison...

I am not sure where either of them will top out.

Sheifele vs Burmi:


Based on what I've seen, I am very comfortable saying Burmi will top out a little higher than Bryan Little. They currently score at similar rates (Little got way more TOI), plus Burmi carries slightly better defensive value, not that Little is a slouch. If Burmi can add some mass and grow as an offensive player, I could see him being an OK number 1C or a very solid #2 capable of tough minutes. Then again, I am not 100% sold on him as a centre. #1 or #2RW may be in the cards for him as well.


Scheifele on the other hand has shown plus plus offensive awareness, but I think he has a lot more to prove. We don't know how his defensive game will carry forward or how he will handle the speed of the NHL, but I did think he looked good as a possession player in his short NHL stint last year (and everywhere else).

Scheif has long been able to use his size against OHLers, that hasn't carried over yet either, of course it may down the line. Scheif appears to be a nice PP option possibly on the top unit, this is something I haven't seen from Burmi to date. I don't know that Scheif will ever be an elite 1st line centre, but he has the look of an OK #1 or very good #2.

I like both players, but the more I see from Scheifele, the more I like him.

If forced to pick one as our future #1C, I'd probably lean toward Scheifele, but Burmi is already a darn good and very valuable player. Burmi could / should be a very nice option on the 2nd line down the road and I still think he has 1st line upside. Burmi's plus plus defensive value shouldn't be overlooked.

Ultimately, I am glad we have both these kids. They have different tools, but their abilities nicely compliment each other. I hope they both continue to develop and one of the (either one) turns into a bonified #1C. We need one of them to step up.

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