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Originally Posted by Tricia McMillan View Post
I've searched high and low through my USA Hockey rulebook and case book. I can't find anything on what to do if the penalty timekeeper accidentally does not start the penalty clock.

If it were me in a game, I don't think it should matter. If a minor penalty started at 12:43 of the period, it should end at 14:43 of the period unless terminated early by a goal. The only words I found were a description of what the penalty timekeeper's duties are:

"The Penalty Timekeeper shall check and ensure that the
time served by all penalized players is correct. He shall be
responsible for the correct posting of all penalties on the
scoreboard and shall promptly call to the attention of the
Referee any discrepancy between the time recorded on the
clock and the official correct penalty time. He shall, upon
request, give a penalized player correct information as to the
unexpired time of his penalty."

(Rule 507b)

I did same with the IIHF ones, and not a single word about time keeper's job. only about if team complains to referee that timer wasn't on when goal was made, in that case goal shall be allowed if period isn't over. gotta ask this thing from more-experienced ref mates.

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