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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Way too much common sense. Yep. At least defer to the tastes of the demographic actually watching the game at home or in the audience.

Half entertainment should be some sort of bonus to fans. Not something you abhor and causes you to want to change the channel or drink more..

Do people commenting in these threads ever go to Grey Cups? I've been to 4 and I can't imagine any pumped up drunk crowd revelling in the moment thinking much about these acts. Really the collective response of the silent audience was what is this ****?
As much as I wasn't a particular fan of Shania Twain, BEP, Nickelback at least you knew some of their songs. At least theres some aspect of their music with some kick and beat to it.

At least the Edmonton Grey Cups had the common sense to feature entertainers like BTO or Shania Twain who's music had at least been heard by most people. As big as Bieber is right now his music is not known or recognizable by anybody that isn't a fan. Jepsen, forget it, Mariana's Trench forget it.

Finally, what made the selection of these 3 acts more inexplainable is they all reflect a similar, if not identical demographic, and one that does not go to, or watch CFL football.

Its a nutbar universe when marketers think that catering to your non audience is the sensible way to go.
This is akin to advertising pablum, baby food, tampons, lego, transformers, and barbie, during the Grey Cup in the hopes that you're reaching some other demographic.

Who would be silly enough to do that. The same logic applies. As Stoneman mentioned anybody tuning into Bieber probably tuned out just as fast.

Finally, most of us are watching at home on bigscreen hdtv's with some pretty decent surround systems and yeah I like to jack up the halftime entertainment and pump up the sound. Even Nickelback, and Shania Twain, even Bep were suitable for this one purpose. This crap sounded like ****. I didn't dare turn it up and wouldn't want to. Insipid, vacant drone music. Music for bees. Not beers.

Shania Twain is actually a very good example. Her music may not be for everyone. As someone on here pointed out, you can't please everybody with taste in music. However, she's female, hot and dresses provocatively. The average person watching this game is male, heterosexual, and 18 and over. Do the math.

The Yanks get it right. This year is Beyonce. Not a child, but a woman, not bad to look at, dresses scantily and whether you like her music or not, it appeals to the broadest range of demographic that watches football. If this sounds chauvenistic, tough. It's the fact.
The little girls are never going to be football fans on their own. The guys you draw in will be the ones bringing them to games, and some gals may get hooked, while others will come for the beer and a night out socially to be seen.

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