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11-27-2012, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by zeke View Post
Whenever you hear a fan praising hus prospect for being "safer", you know he's just being a homer.

but hey, convince yourselves that your 40pt pace prospect is better than the ppg guy if it majes you feel better, even if he doesn't bring any noticeable edge physicalky or defensively to make up that difference.

i love the "safer" argument. let me try....finn and percy are "safer" prospects than ceci, so they're clearly better prospects.
Safer in-terms of overall ability to be more successful in the NHL. If Silfverberg does not become a top 6 forward he still has a very strong and sound 2 way game with added aggression for him to play a prominent bottom 6 role as well.

As for the defensive argument, watch Silfverberg play and you wouldn't have made that post. He is extremely strong in his own zone playing a full 200 ft game and one of the best PKers in Bingo.

Originally Posted by TMLKesselftw View Post
hahahaha, you're kidding right? It's one thing to be psyched about a prospect and think they have top line potential, but are you serious? You know what he is capable of because of one shift? You can not judge a prospect off of one shift...

People bashed Kessel and said 50 games into the season that it was only 50 games and he'd have to keep up his pace for a year before people started giving him praise, there's still people saying he has to do it another year before they'd consider him a top winger....

Also, more safer doesn't make sense.

And one more thing, Kadri's skill is through the roof... that's not what's holding him back and he has more skill then a good chunk of current NHLers.

For who will be better, I'm not going to vote because I'm biased.

Edit: I've seen Tyler Bozak, Mike Brown, Tim Brent, Niklas Hagman, Matt Stajan, etc. have amazing shifts, doesn't mean they're capable of consistently doing it.
Lmao, typical Leaf fan taking words out of the entire context and trying to base his argument off it. If you were tracking my posts that lead to that one and the pre-arguments I gave, you'd understand that Silfverberg was coming off as the most dominant player in the SEL and one of the youngest at that and for him to play on the TOP LINE against the best team in the east and to not lose an edge in-terms of dominance, makes you believe he can handle it if given a more consistent role. Plus, he played the entire 2 games on the top-line initially and that particular shift showed his impact. Learn to understand context and background information before you insist on trying to make yourself seem correct. Good use of the emoticons, though.

Originally Posted by Chandrashekhar Limit View Post
Personally, if I had to choose between two forwards who have average/above avg size, I would go for the guy with the most offensive skill, and the higher upside.

Using these two categories, I would rather take Kadri.
What are you basing this "highest offensive skill" in order to make Kadri better than Silfverberg? Silfverberg scored the most goals all-time in the playoffs and was 2nd in points last year while maintaining the best PPG ratio. Silfverberg has just as much skill. If anything, Kadri only has dangling and puck-handling ability on Silfverberg, basically it.

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