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Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
It's a two way street. We don't know if Bettman would be willing to compromise more since NHLPA always come into these negotiations looking for a fight. It's a very lazy argument to assume Bettman wants a lockout since he's always put in a position where a lockout is a no brainer.
To be the first North American sports league to lose an entire season to a labor dispute and then 8 years later be back in a situation where a lockout is a no-brainer move is a serious red flag to me.

The premise to one argument is that Bettman inherited and has to deal with the most unruly players association of any of the major sports over the past 20 years.

The premise to the other argument is that he's just not good at minimizing damages and goodwill and making sure the games are played.

If you read player quotes from the NBA and NFL lockouts, it's eery how similar they sound to the NHLPA soundbytes. Criticize Stern, Selig, and Goodell all you want but they have managed through god or good grace to get their seasons played out.

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