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Originally Posted by Crease View Post
If the NHL was so offended and frustrated with the NHLPA's first proposal maybe they need to consider how their own first attempt came off to the NHLPA. The NHL's scorched earth proposal that kicked off things in August did absolutely nothing to get negotiations moving in the right direction. But but but Fehr didn't want to negotiate during the season. So, I don't know, maybe take the high road or something?

Freudian, I am NOT pro-NHLPA, btw.
Fehr has been in negotiations for over 30 years. He knows very well that NHLs opening proposal was meant as a starting point for negotiations. He chose to make it into an inflammatory thing. He choose to suggest it was an insult to get the players motivated for conflict.

Fehr wanted to 'negotiate' during the season to a) have the players make 57% of revenue and b) have the option to strike. Neither of which is acceptable to the league. It's all rhetoric. "We wanted to play". "It's the owners lockout".

Conflict was inevitable here. Fehr wanted it. He steered this ship towards lockout as much as Bettman did.

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