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Originally Posted by Reimer View Post
Serious question, why would they do this? Is the crowd that already likes and supports the CFL about to quit watching becaus of the half time show? Or are the gains for the CFL greater by having the biggest act in the world today and potentially gaining new fans by making people tune in before and after the half time show. Just because some and likely most turned their tv on and then off just for the halftime show doesn't mean everyone did. Like I said the core CFL fan didn't quit watching the CFL because of it.

Also the fact that it's still being talked about today and will likely still get talked about for the next bit means that the performance did its job.
It's being talked about for the wrong reasons though. The reason I watched a bit of the halftime show was more human nature. Morbid curiousity. The same reason you likely slow down to take a look at a horrific car accident or keep watching a T.V program when they warn you to look away. Do you seriously think any of the little girls or boys that like to dress up as girls will become fans of the CFL because of this? Fans become fans because of the product and credibility of an industry. The core CFL fan will still watch the CFL because of the product on the field. But IMHO, the credibility of this league took a bit of a hit because it.

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