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Originally Posted by jumptheshark View Post
If I can find the article I will re post it. A few years ago a uni player was more or less told by the uni to turn pro because he would not get a diploma. While the official records had him passing classes, in reality he was being marked up and was helped by the marking curb that the uni used.

For me the statement "Football and Basketball players are smarter because they go to uni" needs to be argued greatly. While some players do take full advantage the scholarship to uni--most do not. The NCAA is an organization I have great problem with, they flex their muscle when the main stream media tries to gather information about graduation rates, school marks and other key points of what the players should be doing at school. In the 90's the NCAA got exposed for being not as transparent as they claimed to be. When the question was raised about graduation or marks on either 60 minutes or 22/20 the NCAA produced all this information about an 80% graduation average of ALL NCAA athletes. Well, while this is true, that 80% include stuff like golf, wrestling, athletics and every other sports you can find on most universities. Something like only 20% of football starters actually get their degree and as stated most Uni encourage the players to come out after 3 years. because in that fourth year they get their degree and as much money as Football and Basketball bring to the UNI--When something like 10 to 15 uni grads went before congress as said that they barely went to school and other people had written their papers. UNI reputation is built upon having legit grads.

here is a book to read

William C. Rhoden's Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete

I read it a year ago and it was an interesting read in how Athletes, in this case Black, our Sheppard through SOME unis and do not attend classes.

Dexter Manley graduated from Oklahoma State, but he could not read or write and when asked what he graduated in, he had no idea. Lawrence taylor was another footballer who said his Uni creds were not legit

here are some articles to read

problems at with the NCAA
I don't believe some of your claims. Specifically, the claims that 20% of fotball starters complete their degrees or that most schools encourage their players to quit after 3 years. The latter claim makes almost no sense given the significant investment that schools make in their athletes. Why would they not want to see them play their senior year?

I have had lots of discussions with US colleagues about their experiences with student athletes in their schools. While I have heard a few horror stories most do not see much of an issue.

I have no doubt that there will be isolated examples of graduates like LT or Dexter Manley. Sadly though, such cases are not exclusive of student athletes.

I have lots of issues with the NCAA. But I thibk it is fair to say that the opportunity to at least have a shot at a decent education is enhanced by college athletics. And while we all know examples of people who made good without an education the fact is that a degree of any type does make a significant difference in the prospects of most

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