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Originally Posted by GuelphStormer View Post
could be, who knows what the braintrust at HQ is thinking. im wondering if bettman et al. have actually done a real comparative cost benefit analysis of this sort of thing and ranked markets. gates? tv? merch? sucker councils? yessir suitors? venues? there were some economic analyses done by the league and balsillie and presented during phoenix BK if i recall which both clearly demonstrated significant money was being left on the table in hamilton and differed only in the amount. so, are these other markets worth more than the hammer? surely if the owners are willing to lose tens, maybe hundreds, of millions during a poisoned lockout, they would presumably have a big-picture reason for similarly ignoring hamilton these past few years. is assuaging gary's hurt feelings worth forfeiting hamilton? ... and quebec? ... and winnipeg until last year? if these cashcow cities were south of 49 would they have been left at the alter for this long? or maybe its a complex revenue algorith too sophisticated for us rubes to understand? or maybe a few shakes of the magic eight ball? fortune cookies? chickens on a twister sheet? really, what is driving these contradictoray, puzzling and seemingly self-defeating decisions?
Part of the issue, which Bettman does have a point on is that when arenas get built they ask for significant upfront investments from the cities and for the league to leave a city early in the arena's life will make it harder for other deals in the future. Thats partly why you saw him make an effort to keep the team in Nashville where the arena was 10 years old when Balisille tried to buy the Preds and Phoenix where the arena is still only 9 years old. Atlanta was different because that arena was getting built for the Hawks regardless of the NHL coming or not.

The other issue is trying to grow the game and get more fans. He wrongly thought all you had to do was introduce southern fans to hockey and they will take up the game. It hasn't worked out that way

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