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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
I don't believe some of your claims. Specifically, the claims that 20% of fotball starters complete their degrees or that most schools encourage their players to quit after 3 years. The latter claim makes almost no sense given the significant investment that schools make in their athletes. Why would they not want to see them play their senior year?

I have had lots of discussions with US colleagues about their experiences with student athletes in their schools. While I have heard a few horror stories most do not see much of an issue.

I have no doubt that there will be isolated examples of graduates like LT or Dexter Manley. Sadly though, such cases are not exclusive of student athletes.

I have lots of issues with the NCAA. But I thibk it is fair to say that the opportunity to at least have a shot at a decent education is enhanced by college athletics. And while we all know examples of people who made good without an education the fact is that a degree of any type does make a significant difference in the prospects of most
The NCAA claims that 80% of their athletes graduate. This is because they have something like 25 sports under their umbrella. Here is a question--the next NBA or NFL draft--pay attention how many grads are coming out after 4 years--you will have your answer

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