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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Of course, but that doesn't mean we should discredit the WC and its meaning. It highlights depth, and as it is played every year, has merit (and of course limitations) for measuring the international hockey powers.

The olympics also has it's limitations. It's once every 4 years. Russia got spanked by Canada in 2010, but no sane person would say that the best on best between those nations isn't extremely close.

The World Juniors are overated in North America. They are not a clear measurement of anything, other than Canada has much greater depth at the Junior level. Nobody disputes this, but when you begin to move into the Senior level, it doesn't matter that much. Few players from any of these elite U-20 teams ever become Senior nationals.
You're right about overrating junior hockey. The Russians are notorious late bloomers, mainly because, up until the very recent past, kids didn't start to gain competitive experience until they reached 19 or 20. Russian senior level players are World's better than their junior compatriots.

IMO, Canada got hooked on the World Juniors because for long periods, no one could compete with them, so it was an annual victory celebration that they could all share. Because half the time the WJC is played in Canada, you can't get tickets for it because everybody wants in on the party. Even though the Swedes, Americans and Russians have emerged as competition in recent years, those countries really don't have the same interest or emphasis for junior hockey that is found in Canada.

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