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11-27-2012, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by BigG44 View Post
Someone's already mentioned that they thought Dallas wouldn't want to go too dark on green and risk looking like Minnesota.

Since there is a real possibility the two will be in a division together, do you think that is why they are looking for a totally new color scheme to not look too much like the North Stars or the Wild?

They obviously get that no one likes white and black, but with Minnesota in the division they don't want to go all green either. That's something to think about I guess.

Winnipeg and Columbus would likely be in the division so you've already got a red, white, and blue too though.

This Whaler combination though sort of makes the most sense. It's unique within the division ... probably only similar to Vancouver ... it ties in locally like they've mentioned to the Mavs ... and some variation of stars in the logo works locally across the board honestly.

That gray, blue, and green combination sounds like the best possible compromise to accommodate some of their stated goals while still making the fan base happy.
I don't understand the aversion to green... there is literally one other team with green as the primary colour... look how many blues and reds there are in the league

This seeming worry about looking like the wild is silly, does anyone actually think if Dallas brought back green and gold people would get it confused with the green and red of minnesota.

If 12ish teams can make their blue jerseys look different from each other why cant Dallas use green and avoid looking like the wild

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