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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
You are looking at the wrong group. The vast majority of players who play Division I football or basketball do not get drafted. Moreover, I am happy to admit that many do not graduate in 4 years. This is most often by design. Many student athletes will take a reduced schedule due to the time demands of their sport. Add in the red shirt system and what you have is a reasonable five year plan.

I have a nephew who has recently graduate from highschool with a 90+% avergage including MATH 30/31, English 30, Chem 30 and Physics 30. He is a very good football player and basketball player and is currently playing in the Canadian college system. He only took 3 courses in his first term because football takes about 4-5 hours per day on the weekdays and more on the weekends. He is a very srious student but will take 5 years to complete his degree.

I have also been involved in football at the University level. Granted this was in Canada, but I can say from first hand experience that scholastic performance is important.
I know quite a few Athletes at the U of A, for the bears hockey and football teams. Some are good students, others just get by to play sports. Regardless, ya, I will say for sure none of them get their degrees in 4 years. It takes them all either 5 or 6 years to complete.

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