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Originally Posted by LEAFANFORLIFE23 View Post
ee and that is their big question mark imo. Can russia goalies match up to Canada ? I don't think they can not when we can throw fluery ward price etc in net. Canada aside though russia can't match miller thomas howard or lundquivst or kipper or backstrom. Going into 2014 russia doesn't have the goalies other teams do. I could easily seem not getting a medal again
It's actually funny to see that post, considering that the Russian coach just praised the rich selection of Russian goalies.

You know of Varlamov and Bryzgalov, but what do you know about Barulin, Koshechkin, Yeremenko, Ezhov? my guess is you know nothing about them, and therefore your "analysis" is about as accurate as that of 1972 Canadian scouts who thought that Tretiak was some average amateur kid. Not to mention coming down the pipe we have the likes of Vasilevski, Makarov and Ustinskiy, while Canada has to opt out for Visentin and Reimer??

Or do you still think that Nabokov and Khabibulin are our primary goalies?? And how about that guy Rinne, who is struggling in KHL..

And Fleury Ward and Price are Good goalies. But they are not Hasek or Brodeur calibre, so you can relax about any kind of supremacy you're feeling. It's unlikely that they'll work some miracle against Malkin and co.

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