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11-27-2012, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by dunner View Post
It is just so unrealistic it shouldn't be approved. Kovalchuk is not getting traded in real life and shouldn't be allowed in the game for the sake of the league. It seems as though every trade in these leagues has to involve a big name and well, that is just not accurate at all in the real NHL. I'm guilty of this in Bluth a little but trust me I inherited a team that was already demolished. I hate seeing trade talk on day two of the league with guys names like Kovalchuk, Perry, Getzlaf, Richards all being tossed around it's just not right it doesn't take long for teams to lose identity even with 2 deals a year because those two deals almost always involve star players.
I understand what you are saying, but I'm not Lou Lams and my vision for the Devils is different than his. Am I not supposed to try and craft the team I'm most successful playing with?

I currently have Zubrus on my 2nd line. I know I will not be very successful with team I currently have. And I only have 3 players that have any value. Zajac has some, but he only has 1 yr left. Elias, Brodeur and most of my D are old (and I actually like my defense). Clarkson is nice, but he won't be able to get me any decent depth. So im left with Kovy, Henrique, and Larsson. I don't want to move either Henrique or Larsson, so that leaves Kovy.

Like I said, I will be fine if the commish/other GMs veto the deal, but if so, that leaves me pretty handicapped on what trades I can make.

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