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11-27-2012, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by What the Faulk View Post
He didn't nail anything.

-Brady has two great TEs in Gronk and Hernandez. Manning has Dreesen and Tamme. Huge edge Brady.
-Brady has Welker and Lloyd. Manning has Decker and actually makes DT look competent.
-Brady has Stevan Ridley, Manning has a stable of mediocrity.

By the definition of the award MVP, Manning has the edge.

Brady absolutely deserves consideration in the sense that he should be a "finalist", but unless he vastly outperforms Manning the rest of the season, he doesn't deserve it over him.
Hernandez has been hurt most of the year, Gronk is hurt right now (and Brady had a great game without him last Thursday) and Lloyd doesn't do a whole lot. Ridley is a good back, but he isn't a superstar.

Sure, Brady has a better supporting cast, but he helps these guys just like Manning helps the players around him tremendously. Where would Wes Welker be without Tom Brady? Would Ridley get as many open lanes without the defense having to worry about an HOF QB? Would Gronk and Hernandez have developed as fast as they did if they were playing with a mediocre QB?

I'm not saying that Manning shouldn't win the MVP, I'm just saying that I'm very surprised that a player that has nearly identical stats doesn't receive more attention when it comes to the MVP debate. I'm a Patriots fan, so I would vote for Brady out of pure homerism, but let's be honest, it is kind of surprising that he doesn't get more consideration.

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