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Originally Posted by tony d View Post
Yeah, you don't need big time realignment. All I think you have to do is move Winnipeg to the West in favour of Nashville or Columbus. Also see what happens with Phoenix and were they end up.
This is the problem. In the East, everything is fine. Travel is great. Rivalries out the wazoo. The SE division is even nicely hidden, away from the center of the hockey universe in the northeast corridor. The big teams pay for that when the Panthers get the 3rd seed, but, tough, can't have everything.

In the West however, the conference spans all 4 time zones. The West has 2 divisions that span 3 time zones. At least a third of the conference, Detroit, Columbus, Nashville, Minnesota, and Dallas, want significant changes. Plus if you throw in Chicago, StLouis, and maybe even a Winnipeg, all of whom probably don't have a great desire to play so many games on the west coast either, you're talking half the conference wanting something different.

Personally, I don't see why the East and West have to be aligned exactly the same, since they're not playing for the same playoff spots. Throw Columbus into the spot vacated by Winnipeg in the SE, and go with the proposed realignment in the West, minus the Jackets. Everything in the East stays the same.

NYR, NYI, NJ, Phi, Pit
Bos, Mtl, Ott, Tor, Buf
Was, Car, TB, Fla, Clb

Det, Chi, Nas, StL, Wpg, Min, Dal

Van, Edm, Cal, SJ, LA, Ana, Col, Phx

The East is still conference based playoffs, 1-8. In the West, it's divisional. Top 4 in each conference play each other, and then the winners meet up in the conference final. I know the problems with it, but, just beat the teams that you're in the playoff race with, and stop crying.

Two different conferences, two different sets of problems. In the East, it's about rivalries. In the West, it's about travel and time zones.

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