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Originally Posted by Captain_Cunney View Post
I'm not sure what your getting at with your Internet lingo, I still communicate in regular English.

Don't like the original old school metal sound? Thats one thing, saying the sword are anything but awesome at their craft is another.

Please refrain from the not metal enough lame excuse, I've been listening to death and obituary my entire life (you know, before it was "hip" to be brutal). That doesn't mean you need to pigeon hole everything else.....
Are you seriously accusing me of not liking the "old school metal sound?" Have you read any of the posts I've made in this thread?

But the Sword is not "old school metal," nor are they masters of any craft. There are countless better stoner bands than them, and especially better than their last two releases. They're a pretty average band.

lol @ name dropping Death and Obituary.

Originally Posted by Hampeus View Post
Bloodbath is not a bad band if you actual listen to some songs other than Eaten. Theyre a bit overrated, but decent.
The Breeding Death EP is awesome. Unblessing the Purity was enjoyable as well. Their full lengths are pretty mediocre, though. It was a fun side project that grew into too much.

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