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Originally Posted by Jack de la Hoya View Post
But everyone isn't looking to deal stars, right?

At most, you're probably looking at a handful of teams who would entertain moving one of their star players for multiple assets. And a few other teams who might have the young, talent NHL players required to build a package that could net one of those stars.

It is also worth stating the obvious: it is almost impossible to build through FA in NHL 13 because no one lets their guys go, and with a few exceptions, both draft picks and existing prospects take multiple seasons to progress to a point of any usefulness. Unlike real life, then, trading is about the only way to improve your team--which is why everyone over-does it in most other leagues.

The challenge in this league, and TBC, is that trades are limited. That's the appeal. But removing the ability to make any trade with or for a star player seems to go a bit too far.
Not any trade but I do feel very strongly that all first line players should be nearly impossible to move- unless of course age is a factor then I agree with age it should become easier, it's realistic. It's more work to watch for but maybe inhibiting a team to trading (1)1st liner every 3 years or something like this. In 1.5 years of Bluth there has to be 15-20 big name guys that have changed teams maybe even more and Fuss you have done a great job with policing it as well I just think since we have a very fresh start trading can be even stricter.

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