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Originally Posted by dunner View Post
Not any trade but I do feel very strongly that all first line players should be nearly impossible to move- unless of course age is a factor then I agree with age it should become easier, it's realistic. It's more work to watch for but maybe inhibiting a team to trading (1)1st liner every 3 years or something like this. In 1.5 years of Bluth there has to be 15-20 big name guys that have changed teams maybe even more and Fuss you have done a great job with policing it as well I just think since we have a very fresh start trading can be even stricter.
I think there are a couple cases where a 1st line player can be moved. 1.) If he has 1 year left on his contract. In real life star players who have 1 year left on their contracts are always in the rumor mill so it would only make sense if they were here as well. 2.) Team is struggling and needs a rebuild. In this case a team is doing terrible that season and would like to rebuild it's team, i'd say 1st line players would then become available then. Other than that I can't think of anymore reasons to trade big name players other than the fact that you just want to make a trade, or your looking to fill needs throughout your team and you feel like you'd be better off with a well rounded roster than one with 1 or 2 superstars and a bunch of scrubs.

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