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Originally Posted by SH15 View Post
Russia has won 1 (2011) of the past 9 World Juniors and ZERO best on best tournaments in 30 years.

Best-On-Best Winners since '76 Canada Cup

1976 - Canada
1981 - Soviet Union
1984 - Canada
1987 - Canada
1991 - Canada
1996 - USA
1998 - Czech Rep
2002 - Canada
2004 - Canada
2006 - Sweden
2010 - Canada

Are Russia perhaps lucky to even be considered in this echelon? They do nothing when all the big boys play. If not for the World Championships they would have very little to fall back on.

Keep in mind that not only did Canada THUMP Russia in their last best on best matchup in 2010, but Canada has added several elite level talents (Stamkos, Giroux, Tavares etc.,) while Russia's elite level talent largely remains the same from the team that got worked in 2010. Canada was far superior in 2010 and will be adding ridiculous talent for 2014 while Russia will mostly stay the same. Judge that how you will.

Bottom line, they have to get on the ice and play. Anything can happen in one-off games with such high talent level. Not to mention the Swedes and Americans. Anyone can beat anyone. But when simply talking on a message board and listing talent, Canada is best by a very wide margin.
Canada Cups do not count as best on best tournaments because they were Canadian owned and operated invitational tournaments that were not sanctioned by IIHF and, starting in 1984, only Canadian and American referees were permitted to work medal round games. You can't count it as best on best if it is designed for one nation to win.
Also, just for your information, the 1976 Canada Cup could not be a best on best because the Soviets decided to leave their best players (Kharlamov, Yakushev, Petrov, Mikhailov, etc.)

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