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11-27-2012, 04:41 PM
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Yeah, there was actually an example case about the game clock. The example was, if there are 10 seconds remaining in the period (stop time) and the clock fails to start when the puck is dropped, the book instructs me to let play continue, but count down mentally in my head and blow the whistle for the end of the period after 10 seconds.

If the penalty clock was malfunctioning or failed to start or whatever, and there really was no stoppage in play for the entire penalty, I'd try to motion to the penalty bench area and get the player out of the box after 2 minutes. If the player came out onto the ice after 1:55, I'd consider that situation to be "timekeeper error" and not penalize the player for leaving the penalty bench early, though by rule he would have to go back to the penalty bench for 5 more seconds and any goal scored by his team while he was illegally on the ice would have to be disallowed.

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