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Thanks for that older link; I couldn't find it myself.

Originally Posted by vorky View Post
Is it needed to call bank´s hotline or I can use this . It would be easier for fans than to call to bank
Well, you can make a guess based on the exchange rate, or a few guesses, but if you guess incorrectly too many times, I'm afraid Yandex might interpret it as someone trying to hack your credit/debit card, and block your account... For me, it was just simpler to call my bank's hotline to find out the exact amount in roubles. The thing is, the amount withdrawn as a test is so small (I forget what exactly it was or me) that it translates to something like €0.02 or €0.03, which could be quite a few various figures when converted back into roubles using the official exchange rate. Some people might see the amount in roubles directly in their Internet banking, but I didn't (I'm with Zuno).

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