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11-27-2012, 04:56 PM
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Korostelev got his cast removed 4 days ago. Im wondering if he will suit up this Friday vs the Marlboros. If not, very soon I imagine. The play in which he got injured and broke his wrist was a one timer play and he jammed his wrist. This in my opinion is Korostelev's most dangerous tool that he has. This is what makes Korostelev so dangerous and will serve him incredibly well moving forward. He has phenomenal One-Timer, very rare in minor midget. A technique that is one of, if not the hardest technique in hockey. U dont see alot of kids his age with this ability. Especially one timing a bullet pass from a team-mate. If u look at Phil Kessel he still only relies on his wrist shot and can not one time the puck properly, consistently. By most accounts Dante Salituro was the best sniper in the OHL draft with his 47 goals in 33 games. If i had to guess Id say 35 of those goals were Wrist shots and the rest tap in's. U look at elite 60 goal scorers in the NHL in recent years STamkos and Ovechkin and those 2 possess one timing excellence. Stamkos and Ovie live on the dot on the PP, one timing the puck. As u move on through the hockey ranks, thats one thing u see more of is one timers. Most frequent in the NHL and becomes less and less as u move down the ranks. If Korostelev proves his shot is becoming more accurate he will elevate his rank in the draft. Korostelev usually needs 5-6 shots before scoring. He wont have that many chances in the O per game, his shot selection and accuracy are key for him from now on. He showed improved playmaking skills before he went down. Interesting to watch this kid at the Marlies Classic and see what the JR Canadiens can do will a full roster against Elgin, LJK, Marlies, Rebels, Oakville Rangers, YSE.

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