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Originally Posted by kajoo View Post
most of fans/viewers in Slovakia are pissed because every household is forced to pay 4,64 Eur / month concessioanry fees to public TV/Radio stations (STV/Sro) noone watches/listens to, especially when you get like 50 stations for twice as much (9,6/month at DigiTV f.e.) than for useless and unwatchable STV1/2. So while STV sucesfully keeps being unwatchable, other big guns on market Markiza/JOJ are too busy with searching talent or bride for farmer

No wonder public TV cant afford to buy a good product when they feed this machinery:

STV (1000+ employees, 90 managing directors)

Sro (700+ employees)

Btw do you guys pay concessionary fees in your countries, and how much ?
There is such a fee in Germany around 17 Euro/month is what I know. Totally ridiculous for most ppl coming to Germany to find out. An american friend who lived in Germany for some time was close to starting a private 'rebellion' against it.

There is no such thing in Russia at this point in time, but who knows. They(our government) copy a lot of stuff from other countries without even thinking about how they apply in Russia and if they make any sense.

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