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Originally Posted by ginner classic View Post
Updating my goalie trades and the extra pieces assuming we play this year:

Luongo to Toronto for Finn, Kadri and a First. (no need for anything else. Toronto does not have anything that can help us this year on the right wing and I'd rather just extract value from them

Luongo to Florida for Petrovic, Shore and a First. No big changes with this but maybe worth trying to get Shore as well Bjugstad is a no go and we need more depth at center

Schneider + 1st for Yakupov + 2nd. I don't care what anyone says, on a value comparison I think it's more than fair. Just not realistic. I don't really have a Luongo deal to Edmonton that I like as I am not sure what to pair with a first round pick to get equal value back from them.

If Lindback sheds the bed....Luongo for Connolly straight up.

Raymond to any bottom 15 team for a 2nd round pick

Raymond to Nashville for Blum

Raymond to Carolina for Boychuk and Sanguinetti

Raymond + 3rd to Phoenix for Rundblad

Ballard to NYI, Minny, or Colorado for a 2nd Round Pick

Ballard and Raymond and a 2nd to Washington for Forsberg
if we could get Blum that cheaply, that would be awesome
not sure we'd want to just send Raymond or Ballard packing without upgrade plans for those positions..?
i guess either of those Luongo deals would be ok, though not thrilling. Hopefully those pieces could be packaged to get a killer top 6er at the deadline.
If Lindback falters and Stevie Y comes back for Luo, I would hope we take him for more than just Connolly.
That Yak deal is crazy ...Oil would likely say no, as i think we win on value (isnt Yakupov supposed to be significantly above your average 1st OA in value?) Even then I would be scared about pulling the trigger, Schneider would help the Oil so much ....
Luongo would too ... i had proposed Luongo/Raymond for Hemsky/Gagner, 2nd

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