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Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
Pretty misleading information here, and not just when you say that Russia has been badly outplaying Canada at this tournament. Canada generally sends a handful of the best players each year, at best. When Stamkos played he was still a teenager, and fresh after being left off the Olympic team. Tavares wasn't really an elite player who would make the actual team Canada until the last tournament. Perry I will give you, he has actually shown up for Canada for the most part. Unfortunately, he is the exception rather than the rule. The only other player from this last year who would definitely have made Canada is Keith. When you get a Russian team sending out most of their optimal roster against a Canadian team sending maybe three of the players from their optimal roster, you'll have to forgive us for taking the results with a grain of salt.
Well, Russia generally also sends what you would consider a handful of best players. Unless you were to consider the KHL players also Elite players, which would be closer to the truth. Either way, my point is that Russia finds a way to win with KHL players, however you rate them (beer leaguers or Elite), these guys can not only compete but win against NHL competition sprinkled with a Handful of best, this shows depth.

Last I checked, Bob Nicholson did not take the results with a grain of salt and Hockey Canada was seriously disappointed in the current run. Their current international form is indisputably bad at WC. And I don't mean it's not impressive, but it's actually BAD. How could the"Best Hockey Country in the World" allow this? hmm.

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