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Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
Well, Russia generally also sends what you would consider a handful of best players. Unless you were to consider the KHL players also Elite players, which would be closer to the truth. Either way, my point is that Russia finds a way to win with KHL players, however you rate them (beer leaguers or Elite), these guys can not only compete but win against NHL competition sprinkled with a Handful of best, this shows depth.

Last I checked, Bob Nicholson did not take the results with a grain of salt and Hockey Canada was seriously disappointed in the current run. Their current international form is indisputably bad at WC. And I don't mean it's not impressive, but it's actually BAD. How could the"Best Hockey Country in the World" allow this? hmm.
Actually, Czech golden team from 2010 was more KHL-based than Russia.

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