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11-27-2012, 06:25 PM
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I think by virtue of the last two decades, you can see the trend that after every CBA expiration there has been a lockout.

You can bet that the owners will view the 50-50 split as an acceptable concession to their initial demand of 57-43 (owner-player). So having seen the initial offer way back in the summer I will bet that when the next CBA is up they'll be back to demanding at least 57%. And everyone is arguing about a fair deal. Well I'm quite sure the owners don't give a damn about fair, they want to make as much money as possible. That's the purpose of a corporation.

I would put money on another lockout when the next CBA is up asking the players to again take a reduction and point at the NFL with the argument that those players make less than 50%. I'm not sure when the NBA or NFL CBAs are set to expire but it wouldn't surprise me that those CBA negotiations will involve another lockout again trying to take more from the players. And so there is a circular effect of pointing fingers at other leagues to match.

You can be optimistic about 50-50 being fair and all, but corporations don't operate under what is "fair" they will try to make the most amount of money possible and that is done by cutting expenses where ever possible.

Why people seem to detach sports from your everyday large corporation is quite bizarre to me. The difference with sports is that you can't out-source your "employees" that easily and just replace them with equivalently trained "personnel" with as much ease as you can with other types of work.

It has been argued that replacement players be brought in which would be the equivalent of out-sourcing for less expenses. But my personnel opinion is that watching NHL games with replacement players would be like trying to sell someone a Honda with a Ferrari logo on it. And sure they both do what they are advertised to do and that is to drive and provide a means of transportation from point A to B, but you can all appreciate that it would not be the same experience.

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