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11-27-2012, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by ltrangerfan View Post
Back in the mid eighties I owned a small business with 2 employees. It was not my main business but a sideline. After two years of just about breaking even I approached the employees and indicted that I needed to cut their pay or I was closing the business. I heard from one of the wives how it wasn't fair that "I was making such a huge profit" for the past number of years and now that business was a bit slower I was taking it out on the employees. I simply could no longer justify taking the risks for what resulted in no return. I probably should have closed the business but I was willing to go along, hoping for a turnaround, until it started costing serious money. The employees reluctantly agreed to the pay cut and happily we went on a decent run for the next decade.

Yes, the employees made all the concessions and in truth the only concession I made was keeping the business open.
Would you have replaced them first, or just skip to shutting down if they refused the cut?

This is where these comparisons fail. The players are world class talent, with no viable replacements at that level.

And in the previous post... the other leagues set the market. Ok, true. They also negotiated and made concessions. This will be solved once the NHL compromises.

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