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Originally Posted by hockeyfanz View Post
Hahaha..was a pretty bad butchering of Oh Canada by Mr.Guess Who. Agreed.....The anthem should be sung the way it was written. No room for artistic licence. Personally I could do without anthems at sporting events unless they are international competitions like the World Cup, Olympics etc....
I wouldn't bring this up again if Burton wasn't receiving so much criticism online for his rendition of the anthem. The lyrics he sung were the original lyrics. He paid homage to the original anthem during the 100th Grey Cup; I've always liked this version more than the current one, as much like the current "The Maple Leaf Forever," I feel the revisions were never necessary.

Here is a version recorded by Edward Johnson in 1928. It includes the same "controversial" lyrics as Burton's version. Good on Burton to incorporate lyrics from the anthem the way it was written, including "O Canada, glorious and free," and the repetition of "we stand on guard."

It's disappointing to read people's comments saying he "butchered" it. He should be praised for singing it the way it should be sung. It becomes a more powerful and prideful anthem when one proclaims Canada to be glorious and free in its own right, a country that we protect. This is a country we have fought for throughout its history, and the original lyrics give our anthem a more militaristic, nationalistic meaning. Likewise, anyone who sings "The Maple Leaf Forever" should, in my opinion, begin with "In days of yore" rather than the CBC's revised lyrics.

We have a rich heritage, and ignoring the many revisions that have been made throughout the past few decades, the anthem becomes even more beautiful and pristine. In the late 2000s, some politicians wanted "in all thy sons command" to become "in all of us command." These continual revisions aren't necessary. The anthem was greatest in its original form and should be sung that way. Burton's version at least retains some of the glory of the original anthem.

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