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11-27-2012, 07:04 PM
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I'm rather surprised at how many people here failed to recognize the obvious issues inherent in this trade outside of the strictly baseball part that made it different than the oft-mentioned BoSox/Dodgers trade.

Boston has had stable management and an old stadium for years, and has been constantly competitive for about as long. There's no question of competence and honesty there. The Dodgers did have a new ownership group in place, but they got the strong end of the deal.

Miami/Florida has always been an uncertain locale monetarily and in ownership, and they recently got a new ballpark, largely funded by the public, and had given their word about doing everything they could to be competitive and attract customers to the park (and thereby pay back the money they got). Loria's poor history just makes it that worse.

There was no comparing the two situations, and had Selig vetoed it, as po'd off as I would have been, it wouldn't have been hypocritical.

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