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11-27-2012, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
It comes down to Gardiner IMO. When Gillis moves off of him, and he will, what gets close to his value? Is Kadri in the same ballpark? Kadri + Percy? And how does that change the rest of the package if that's more value than Gardiner? etc... That's where I think a deal gets done

Nope. Gillis is clear about not taking on salary dumps, and the reason is clear: Next year, the Canucks have to shed 9m in salary overall to get under a 60m cap. This with having to sign Higgins, Edler, Lapierre, Malhotra and Raymond... Not looking good.

Regarding the Gardiner situation, you've been anything but clear on your stance here, so pardon me if I haven't quite grasped it. The underlined excerpt comes across as an assertion that the replacement piece should be close in value to Gardiner, which I interpreted as equal. The bolded quote is nearly incomprehensible due to the wording, but it sounds as though you're intimating that a deal will get done by swapping Gardiner with something of more value (see bolded + underlined text).

Really, you just asked a few questions before stating that's where you think a deal will get done. Not the clearest method of stating your position. I'm sure I'm not the only one without a clue what you're getting at.

As for Connolly, you said the 'clear reason' we can't take him on as a salary dump is because we need to re-sign players after his contract expires. I get that he has little to no to negative value, and Gillis might not want him for that reason, but your re-signing reasoning is illogical.

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