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Im only doing the ones im more confident about judging

Schroeder = good scoring 3rd liner who you might throw up on the 2nd line (raymond like). He is a smart player and i do think hes too smart for the ahl (hard to imagine him not making the nhl). hes got a good strong lower body to make up for his lack of size also

Kassian = 2nd line RW. Better than Clowe though. Kassians passing skills are VERY good. He might be closer to Kesler in the sense that he could be a teams number 1 if they weren't deep. I have extremely high hopes for Kassian. Higher than Hodgson. I think he'll reach real close to 70 points for a couple seasons (extra minutes due to PP , similar to kesler) (30 goals 40 assists)

Eddie Lack, im not a big time goaltender prospect expert, im not used to judging young goaltenders but most of the time, they look very raw from my experience and this guy looks like an NHL goaltender, no question. He reminds me of Schneider. Ive watched him pretty closely so far with the Moose and almost all goals that went in while i was watching him, were completely on his D men and he didn't have much chance on. When he sees the puck, he usually gets it. This is a prospect our team thought was their number 1 prospect. And from what I see, i can understand why. I think he'll be a starting goaltender on some team during some point. Too hard to say, the nhl is so deep with good goaltenders. If i were to guess a backup or starter, i'd go with a starter.

Chris Tanev, 5th D with the potential of being the 4th D. Or the 3rd D on a lousy team.

Jensen, 2nd line on a good team. I think he'll get 25 goals

I hate judging anybody who isn't at the pro level but Corrado looks good. I didn't know why people were so high on this guy during the HFBoards rankings but i watched the subway series game he played in and im VERY pleased. Just a feeling but I think he'll be more of a player than Tanev. We'll see though. He hasn't really proven anything yet

Rodin? I dont think he becomes an NHL player, i think he ends up playing in europe or something.

The rest, not sure many make it besides a few grinders who beat the odds (mallet possibly), Connauton probably will as a 6-7th D maybe.. I know nothing about Gaunce

And I agree with Aqualung, your expectations are pretty high for me also

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