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12-09-2003, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike8
This thread is merely to call out those that have spent the past few weeks bashing Koivu due to a losing streak and looking for a scapegoat, rather than try to make Koivu seem like a great leader. All those that slandered Koivu have since disappeared or remained silent on this topic.
You may refer to my thread “Koivu is the one that have to be traded” a few weeks ago. My concerns about Koivu had nothing to do with his leadership but about his knees, his slow legs that are very jeopardize, very uncertain for the future. I also find his shot a bit weak for a top 15 center of the league. I listen to french medias but I have my own ideas, they have very little influence on me. They talk about leadership, I don't care much about it, I watched closely several games and I saw Koivu skating slow. Mostly that's it, that's all. Where is the language spoken here?

As for saying I disappeared because of the recent success, I have to say I was out of town for 4 days, then away again for 3 days, without access to a computer. Anyway the recent success was against relatively weak teams, it was an all team contribution instead of Koivu leading all the team. The biggest inspiration was Bégin. He set the tone of the games. I will come back to the topic once I'll see more games with Koivu and be able to judge from myself on a longer run. Koivu seems to have more speed now, not quite that fast but acceptable. He seems to play a good game overall, let's see for a month or two if he have the energy to continue.

My suggestion trading Koivu thread was also saying he is the most valuable player on the exchange market after Theodore. It's mostly his biggest fans here that undervaluate Koivu on the trading market, not me. I can understand Koivu will not bring back a superstar but to say he will bring back about none, I give up trying to understand. Koivu more valuable to the Habs team and no GM of the league able to recognize his talents and what Koivu can bring? As I said, we are not NHL GM and the value of Koivu should be evaluated differently with NHL GM from another. They are different individuals and have might have different views.

P.S. : I will get my 1,000 post soon and I don't want to spoil it with an argument about Koivu. I'm thinking about making something special for the occasion. I'll stay away from any controversial post for a while.

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