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11-27-2012, 08:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Alex Jones View Post
Crawley did quit. I dont' remember which game it was, (he didn't play) but Embree had to talk him back.

I suspect both him and Yuri Wright will leave, a huge loss.
I think it was Blacken(I believe that's his name) that told him to stay. What an irony it would be for Crawley to quit middle of the season after calling out his teammates for quitting during a game. I hope they stay when the new coach comes in. Wright, Crawley, and Henderson could all turn into something good. Henderson is already good, and Wright needed the RS since he's so damn raw.

At least the good news is that PRich will still be here, I was worried that he might get his degree and transfer to another school and play right away. Also impressed with Shane Dillon on twitter.

Originally Posted by Rockies94 View Post
They may have, it was marginal at best though.

And Hawkins is the reason this team is in its current state. He absolutely destroyed the program-and is the primary reason we aren't going to improve.
And Embree made it worse. You really can't justify giving him another year when he wasn't going to make much changes from this staff.

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