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Originally Posted by davedave View Post
Both had some success, though. But both got caught too. It takes a good fighter to take advantage of a mistake, but it takes an even better fighter not to make a critical mistake against someone as good as Silva.

I've been following this thread for the last little while. An overall impression is that GSP's stand-up is underrated. He is a good technical striker with a pretty good array of strikes, and he's impressively punched and kicked some pretty good fighters. But I think the underestimating is largely his doing. He just doesn't want to fight like a striker. He's too cautious and too strategic. He seems to strike to set up other parts of his game plan, whether it's to go for a takedown, score points, or disrupt his opponent's range.

He doesn't strike (or at least hasn't seemed to in a while) to end the fight. As a result, I don't think other fighters fear him in that way. He can break an orbital bone or stun an opponent with a jab, but a lethal striker would I think always welcome a boxing match with GSP. Yes, he may get jabbed and leg-kicked, but he's just one strike away from winning the fight, which is an opportunity he likely will not get on the ground, especially as he would be likely fighting off his back.

You can bet (but no one would take you up on it) that Hendricks will focus a lot of his training on takedown defence and scrambles. GSP likes to takedown wrestlers. Being on his back is unnatural for a wrestler, which can have a heightened psychological effect of bullying. But I would want to see a GSP gameplan against Hendricks that deploys his striking to the utmost. So, turn it around, and use the threat of a takedown to set up a barrage of strikes, taking advantage of his footwork and messing with Hendrick's range. I think it would be a surprise and effective.

In any event, I think a GSP v Silva fight would be entertaining just for the contrast in styles. Silva is as natural a fighter as has ever been, but GSP's greatest attribute is his discipline -- he trains, studies and devises plans. While I think GSP could win, it would have to be a perfect fight, because Silva will kill with a single mistake. A flawless fight against someone as good as Silva is improbable, but GSP's discipline, I think, makes it possible.
GSP's striking isn't that great. His ground and pound is better, but he has very little KO power. But even if he did, deciding to go head to head versus the best stand up fighter in UFC history would be a very bad strategy. I would give him more chances if that fighter would be a WW as well, but the guy is naturally about 45lbs more and has beaten better strikers than GSP with ease.

Silva has already faced very tough and strong wrestlers. GSP is smarter than them, and has quicker footwork, but I think don't that'll be enough to beat Silva. I just don't. And I don't think there's anything as a perfect fight that lasts 5rounds. Not in today's UFC.
To be honest, I think even GSP doesn't think he has much chance of winning that fight, which is why he's never been too enthused by the idea.

If he fights Hendricks, his game plan will be similar to the one he used versus Condit. I don't think he wants to swing punches with anybody that has real KO power. I also think this would be the best move for him as a business man and career wise. A loss to Silva would set him back, he would drop back to the WW division, and if he loses again in his division, that would be catastrophic. If Silva lost, he could possibly retire, he'd be close to 40 anyways.
GSP has a lot more to lose from a loss, and he also has less chances of winning, a lot less imo. So, simply a bad decision all around, which to me explains why he's never been openly for it or showed much interest, in any.

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