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11-27-2012, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
so was stanley cup winning fleury who i think looked worse than he is because of the wide open play of the series. Your old enough to remember the early 90's style of play aren't you? idk, maybe not. but i am and thats why I'm not against it nor am i oblivious to the fact that it still exists against certain teams, especially with the coach we currently employ. the point is you put bryz in front of a shot blocking machine like the rangers and you'll get different stats than you got from him this year. even with the goalie were not there yet. we need to adjust yet again. sucks but you can't blame 1 guy. pretty much ever.
The Rangers only blocked 2 more shots on average per game than the Flyers. The difference: Lundqvist is an elite goalie. Bryz wasn't last year.

I also don't give a damn how Fleury played. He was also terrible. Being slightly less terrible than the other guy doesn't mean he was good, or acceptable. If Fleury plays even average, we get blown out of that series. Relying on the other team's goalie to be worse than our own is not a Cup winning strategy.

I don't remember enough about the 90s to comment. I watched, but my undeveloped brain didn't really understand. I do know that teams that were worse than the Flyers defensively had goalies who performed better.

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