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11-27-2012, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
You ever notice how some players and coaches can ramble out an answer for two or three minutes and not really say anything (or say anything that makes clear sense)? Today, this was driven home by a Sid quote, talking about whether he might play in Europe. Could he be the Yogi Berra of hockey in the making, or is this a case of sports figures with HS educations, trying to sound clever / technical for the media?

Say what?

Task 1: create literal interpretation and attempt to parse some awesome NHL quotes (feel free to add your own -- I'm sure there are some doozies out there).

Task 2: decide which players and coaches are the best at saying a whole lot of nothing

"I don't know, specifically, if I've gotten to that point [he is unsure if he has reached a point in his own thinking] where I'm looking at particular teams [if he did think about it, it's not related to a team that exists in the real world, merely the idea of playing in another place -- I can see why he's not sure if he's reached that point, very complicated], but I think I'm more or less thinking [he's unsure if he's thinking about something that he's not very clear on] that playing is becoming a little more and more important here [by more and more he means it's definitely important, and by little he means it's only definitely important to a small degree], the longer we go," Crosby told the Post-Gazette. "Especially in my case, where I've missed so much hockey in the last little bit. [he found time to miss a ton of hockey over a very short period of time]."

Sid would it be possible for you to say: "I have given more thought to playing in European leagues, but I have not settled on one specific team that I am targeting, and in any case I will not provide specifics on a team until my agent is either actively negotiating with them, or has signed a deal. It is important to me, since I have missed a lot of hockey over the last two years, to get on the ice and play real games against the best competition I can find, as soon as possible. I would prefer that be in the NHL, but if it's not, Im going to play somewhere else."

Since i know you're not getting stoned or drunk often enough to impair your memory of your own thoughts, I have to conclude you're saying all that stuff either because you're afraid to say "I'm the face of the league and I'm leaving *****es! I'm tired of this crap", or because you're trying to give the press a complex sounding quote on something that's not very complex. Listen Sid, you're hurting Rob Rossi's tiny brain when you do this. Give him the basic facts, stated in plain Engrish, and then say "cuz that's how I roll, Rossi!"

I hereby nominate Sid as a finalist for players who provide long answers that don't really answer anything. Others?

I'd be tempted to say "LA Sutter", but the reality is Sutter says almost nothing to every question he's asked. So we end up not knowing much of anything for a different reason. If anyone gives the appearance of being hung over at every presser, it's Sutter.

Bylsma is great at saying a whole lot of nothing, but obviously that's because he's trying to conceal his gameplans, thoughts on specific players, etc. Julien is another one I think who is well known for speaking in code.

So the opposite of these coaches would be Torts, who basically comes out and says "**** you, I'm not answering that stupid question, and I won't answer it tomorrow either so don't ask." The guy is annoying as **** when you're up against his team in the playoffs but on the whole it's tough not to like the guy when he beats the media down like that. Because they ARE stupid questions that everyone knows won't be answered.
Your analysis of sids answer is hilarious.

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