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11-27-2012, 08:25 PM
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I love how Taylor could pick up a fumble at full speed. Every other loser can barely get it falling on top of it. Yep Redskins nation got screwed over on that robbery gone bad. While I recognize how he shut down everything as a FS, I liked seeing him up at the LOS because teams didnt and dont go deep often enough to get my ST fix week to week.

And... the Giants nabbed Torain. Maybe to pick his brain, maybe to keep him from us. Our backfield depth is razor thin, and that is counting our invisible 3rd down back and sole backup for much of the year, Royster. He is lucky to get 2 touches a game. Morris has no backup at all. Torain while he is injury prone, is a beast when he is healthy. I think RG3 could learn a few of his old runs, or Torain could learn a few of RG3s moves, if Morris needed a breather.

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