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11-27-2012, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
new FA strategy: see a guy you want the Jays to sign? Have his last name legally changed to Izturis. I can see it now.

Gibbons: "So Alex, there's a pitcher out there I really like and think we should sign."

Anthopoulos: "What's his name?"

Gibbons: "Brandon McCarthy."

Anthopoulos: "Meh. Pass."

Gibbons: "Oh...Ok. Well. There's this other guy I think has a lot of potntial for our rotation. His name is Brandon...uhhh, Izturis."

Anthopoulous: "So then why does this game footage of him show the back of his jersey with "McCarthy" on it?"

Gibbons: "Its' a spelling error."

Anthopoulos: "Oh, ok! Sign him up!"

Read the following in Buck Martinez's voice:

Izturis makes the grab in shallow left. Flips it to Izturis, who pivots and fires it to Izturis ...and they turn the double play.

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