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Originally Posted by Imaginary Threats View Post
The gender of your opponent should be irrelevant, play it like you would against any other forward. Are you just afraid of hurting them? Or is it because male players (in my experiences) often get overly defensive of their female teammates when they are cleanly hit?
I'm more afraid of accidentally hurting them. I know they're wearing full gear and I'm sure they're pretty tough from playing with guys all the time. I think it's just me that has to just get over it. Of course, having her male teammates targeting me for the rest of the game for some incidental contact wouldn't be fun either.

Originally Posted by Kritter471 View Post
I assume when you're talking about checking female players, you mean the defending/covering types of checking rather than full-out hits since you mentioned it was a low-level beer league. Full-check hockey against a girl would be one thing because of the mass/height difference, but in incidental-contact-but-no-check hockey, go ahead and bump her defend her like you would anyone else. She either won't care at all or will overreact and earn herself a trip to the box. Win-win for you.

Also, protip for defending girls in front of the net. The "put your stick in the small of his back and steer him" method of moving male players is much less effective on female players because our center of gravity is in our hips rather than our chest. If you want to steer a girl who is set on her skates, you've got to get your stick lower.
Love the pro-tip! OK, I just need to get over this mental block and make them earn every inch of the ice. Thanks for the input everyone!

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