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Originally Posted by Arpeggio View Post
Bieber was the best part of that show, and Beyonce will be great at the Super Bowl. She's actually really good live, she played Glastonbury Festival and did well which is pretty impressive for a pop act, Bieber could never pull that off. And Bieber is one of the most popular musicians in the world, he was a steal for the CFL. Who cares if they're not really singing? It's not a music festival, nor is it designed to make CFL fans out of kids watching the Grey Cup (seriously, what the hell, no one remembers the half-time show for more than a day). It's designed to draw in viewers to that particular game to watch those particular ads, thus increasing revenue.

Old men take pop music way to seriously. Apparently.
I'm curious what age you are. Anybody that experienced the societal awakening in the 50's and 60's knows what a huge impact music has on every aspect of culture and in some cases society itself. The 60's particular across the Western World experienced many societal changes that were inspired by the musical soundtrack to the times as anybody living through those times is fully aware.

In more recent times behind the iron block one of the most defiant acts was the playing of western pop music, underground clubs scenes and so on and an irrepresible influence on Eastern bloc youth who eventually basically said screw this continued repression, threw off the iron block chains and joined in the western world. people forget that the iron curtain fell not ever on the basis of bombs, arms, and missiles but on the back of a grassroots cultural revolution. In the end it was western culture that won the cold war. Ironic eh? Could've saved decades of repressive military spending and pumping out Ronald Reagan clone presidents on both sides. Lennon would've had it all done 50yrs ago. In the end his ilk won out anyway, just took longer.

No less than Ravi Shankar said that he wishes that just once he could communicate the harmonious feelings he plays in his music with spoken words. An acknowledgement that melodies soar like anthems and words and speeches more often than not are forgettable and often don't culminate in any meaningful change in life, experience, or the world.

Music used to be revolutionary. Now its spoon fed pablum from a music industry that largely deserves to have limited sales.

Perhaps some of us take music seriously because we are fully aware what kind of powerful catalyst music can be. Not to mention how much one can derive experientially from good music the memories of which lasts lifetimes.

AS for not caring whether a singer is actually seriously? If he/she isn't singing, and all they do is sing(and play no instruments) then I'm incredulous that you think the few latest junk step moves are enough. Or is just showing up and waving at the crowd enough of a performance these days or jumping up and down for 3mins.

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