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11-27-2012, 10:03 PM
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I have no issue with Batch playing again. Hopefully last game got some rust off. He can't gun it down the field, and he's getting old, but for some odd reason I still have confidence in him. I wouldn't want him as a full time starter, but I still would rather see him than Leftwich.

As for going forward, I can't see how we can go with these two as our backups. I, also, don't believe that drafting a QB is needed, we'll be able to sign a FA. I've heard rumblings around since last draft it's time to start grooming a guy that can replace Ben, but I don't think that's needed for a couple more years. Yeah, Ben is getting older and he's taken a beating so he won't last as long as some other QB's have, but (barring major injury) I can see him going strong for at least another 4/5 years.

I'd like to see us let Leftwich go and keep Batch for the 3QB. I know he'll be yet another year older, but I'm sure he's great for the team. They've kept him around and he has experience, I think he can pass quite a bit along. He's also a local guy who is amazing for the community.

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