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Originally Posted by Six in O6 View Post
I may be an exception but I went to my first Grey Cup when I was 12, watched it (and the Stanley Cup finals) every year on tv since I can remember. There were plenty of kids in Toronto at the game, I was actually surprised since the tickets were pretty expensive. I thought all of the events I attended at Dundas square, Nathan Phillips square and the Metro Convention Centre were pretty family oriented. More so actually than last year in Vancouver. It was more spread out and the city did a great job of embracing it. The parade was also pretty family friendly.

The game itself was a showcase, they did a good job. The game was boring, but it was much bigger than the game. Forty year old men aren't going to enjoy the half time show, but it's not for them. Those butts are going to be in the seats regardless. The kids I saw were mostly rocking Hamilton and Argonaut jerseys, seems like local families really got behind it. Those are just my first hand thoughts, they might not mean much but I think they bring more to the table than broad generalizations do.

Of course there were plenty of kids at this game. Newslash. Justin Beiber was there. Doesn't mean they gave a rats behind for football or the game. And I suspect a high % of those children were young girls.

You're right, I don't go to Grey Cup games for the halftime show. But I expect as a paying customer that halftime doesn't turn into a kiddie show. And you may want to take your own advice about generalizations. I and many others saw BTO play one of the Grey Cups in Edmonton. I enjoyed it immensely and they were fantastic. They weren't the most popular kiddie group in the world at the time, but I got over it.

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