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11-27-2012, 11:26 PM
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In the event that I can't get my laptop fixed for a reasonable price or that it would take far too long to fix, what laptop would you fellow HFers suggest I look into? I was thinking Macbook but I really should look at other brands as well rather than commit to Apple right off the bat.

A few general things I'd be looking for in a new laptop:

Durable as I carry it from my dorm to classes, the library, home, etc.

Not be too prone to viruses. I'm sure it depends mostly on the sites I visit and what system I run but if some laptops are less prone to viruses than others I'd like to know.

Run all Microsoft Office applications (Work, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.) although I'm betting all laptops can do this.

Relatively light, I don't want to be carrying around a big clunker of a thing.

At least a 13" screen.

Under $1400

I don't plan on doing any gaming on it or storing a lot of stuff on it so I don't think memory space is going to be an issue.

Things like Processors and internal components I can't really comment on since I really have no idea what all of them do or which ones are best.

As I said above I'm thinking Macbook but I've heard good things about Sony and Lenovo as well but I'm open to all brands EXCEPT DELL.

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