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Originally Posted by Pinkfloyd View Post
I don't see how Rock is losing at the Rumble. You don't end a promo like he did and set it up with a title shot 6 months before the event and have him job. What would be the point for The Rock? I don't think Rock would have a big problem if the script changed since he's never been that kind of guy but it just doesn't make much sense other than Rock-Punk with Rock winning and then losing the title in a triple-threat at WrestleMania.
Alternatively, they could have the Rock win at RR and retain at WM. This could create a situation where fans and superstars become infuriated by the lack of a visible champion. Which would allow for the creation of a total management versus superstars feud, giving the superstars the chance to 'run the show' by being vigilantes. Giving the fans an unpredictable, 'orderless' show - effectively allowing the audience to feel a bigger part of the show as they will feel the superstars have their back. It would make for a must watch product as well (if done right).

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