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Originally Posted by Johnny Bravo View Post
Evga could be a better bet. They have much better costumer service, plus I have heard bad things about MSI support.
i don't doubt that EVGA have better support, i just hope that regardless of what piece of hardware i ever buy, that i never have to use it. (knock on wood)

quick little story ...i did buy an EVGA card years ago, it was an nvidia 8800GT, the plain jane vanilla model with stock clocks (bought it on day 1 when they were in very short supply so there were no overclocked cards at the time least, not at the store i managed to grab one at).

anyway ...i get the card home, plug it in and find out that it's actually clocked to the EVGA super overclocked speeds. i think 'yeah this is great' ...until i started playing games and they started crashing, etc.

so the only way to stop the crashing was to actually clock the card down to its default stock speeds. i didn't want to return the card to my local store where i bought it, because they had no more in stock i emailed EVGA and asked if it'd be alright if i flashed the card with the proper bios so i could get the proper speeds without me having to always down clock the card. i gave him the serial number of the card, he hooked me up with the proper bios, and away i went ...the card worked fine for years afterwards.

BUT's a little thing like that that kinda stuck with me over the years and made me kind of avoid EVGA ...eventhough i know they generally have a good reputation, etc.

my current MSI cards have been very good to me over the last couple of years ...never had 1 issue, which is the way i like it ...which is kinda part of the reason why i looked very hard at MSI's offerings right off the bat when it came to the GTX680.

Originally Posted by SniperHF View Post
Definitely stick to your guns on the 4gb. BF3 is already shown to use 2-2.5GB.

Metro is an unoptimized turd, that's what makes it a good benchmark
ya i'm stickin to the 4gig ...i want room to play around with mods, etc, ...and a little bit of future proofing never hurt anyone.

and yeah, Metro is a pig doubt it's upcoming sequel will be even more so.

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